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No Referral System for Indo- Aus Series

We saw a lot of Wrong Decisions in the Match between India and Sri Lanka recently due to which India lost the game. So, we blame the Umpires for wrong decisions. But, it was available the Tri Series and because India did not want it, it was not used. So somehow India paid the price for not accepting the URDS system. Read the rest of this entry


Long list of nominees of ICC Cricket awards

Here is the list of Nominees posted by the ICC. The ICC Cricket Awards will take place in October in Bangalore.

Long-lists of nominees (in alphabetical order; each category will be reduced to a short-list in due course) Read the rest of this entry

Sachin Tendulkar-The Living Legend

Sachin Tendulkar’s life can be summed up quite rightly in one sentence. From Tendulkar to Ton-dulkar to End-ulkar to Ton-dulkar again. Such has been his importance to the game that it had be quite an achievement to find an Indian cricketer who says that he has not been inspired by Tendulkar. For the past two decades, Sachin Tendulkar has quite successfully handled the magnanimous task of living upto the expectations of a billion people. Read the rest of this entry

Dhoni married with Childhood friend

Current Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni yesterday married his Childhood Friend, Sakshi Singh Rawat  in a private ceremony attended only by family members, close friends and some cricketers. Read the rest of this entry

Ross Taylor to Captain Kiwis for Lanka tour

The New Zealand Selectors recently names Ross Taylor as the Captain of the New Zealand team in the absence of Captain Daniel Vettori who is awaiting his second child. Read the rest of this entry

DDCA:Kotla to be ready by September

The DDCA chiefs promise that the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, New Delhi will be ready by September for the ODI World Cup 2011. ICC officials had an inspection in February and concluded that Kotla might lose the World Cup if the Stadium was not updated. Read the rest of this entry

MCC wants immediate D/N tests

Cricket under lights

The Marleybone Cricket Club thinks that the future of test cricket is endangered since T20 and One Day is become a common trend and the Tradition tests are forgotten. Read the rest of this entry

Sharad Pawar- The New ICC Chief

John Howard

Sharad Pawar sets to become the ICC Chief this week as he will take over the post from David Morgan. This is pointless. Before Morgan, we all know the fraud done by Jagmohan Dalmia. He was into illegal activities making money both as ICC and BCCI President. Later, he was sacked. Read the rest of this entry


The heading is usual and the topic is corruption. BCCI is the richest Board in Cricket.

I am here to cover the topic related to Indian cricket. It has been about 77 years since we’ve been in Cricket. The like of Parsi team that started in 1932 made India play cricket. Those times cricket was a time pass and leisure game.

How much cricket has changed since then. Indian cricket got to revolutionize when the likes of Kapil Dev’s team won the world cup in 1983 in England.

Since then cricket for India has changed a lot. Now cricket does not deserves to be played and watched. It was worth watching the black and white matches where they was not corruption. But in today’s word there is no cricket without the word corruption.

We Cricket fans watch cricket, go to stadiums wasting our money and our precious time. But its not worth it.

Who knows whats going behind the screens of cricket. The BCCI is the richest board in cricket and it is the board with most corruption.

This is mainly because in India cricket is involved with politics. This Leads to corruption.

Who knows this fact??

A match is being played and you watch the match live on TV wasting your time or go to stadium wasting your money.

But behind the screens, why not both playing teams have a deal or match fixing. In fact, The Board and most of the players( i don’t mean all players here ) get money by match fixing but we go to watch the setup or drama.

Cricket has now transfered into a money machine and worth not to be played.

We cannot forget the Sharjah incident where match fixing was held…

How do you think that BCCI became the richest board?

The answer is simple. It is involvement of Politics and Corruption.

I don’t understand why is cricket mixed with politics. Due to this cricket becomes a drama, corruption takes place, match fixing bribing.etc.etc.

With reference to

It is clear that due to BCCI’s money power Umpire Steve Bucknor was sacked.

Now the latest rumors are that THE ICC will be shifted from Tax free Dubai to somewhere in Mumbai, India. Another news is that Sharad Pawar will be made the next ICC President.

SO it is very happy news for BCCI who were making billions, with the power of Sharad Pawar becoming the President will now make trillions.

If they cancel a cricket tour abroad or in India they can loose upto $30 million. So money, money, money is the manta. Sharad Pawar is a Minister in Lok Sabha and why is he involved in cricket. Did he or his father play cricket???

Another involvement of Politics recently is that of The Kotla Fiasco, where Arun Jaitley was the president of DDCA. Why are Politicians coming into cricket?

Thats why this happens. Other countries have first class stadiums. These money hunger politicians are eating money and not making development to Cricket.

[This post is not to convey a information or attack cricket or harm anyone. Its just a blog post written]

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