MCC wants immediate D/N tests

Cricket under lights

The Marleybone Cricket Club thinks that the future of test cricket is endangered since T20 and One Day is become a common trend and the Tradition tests are forgotten.

To boast the 5 day format of Cricket, MCC has called for an immediate meeting to have Day and Night Test Cricket. With the Pink Ball test being successful, they think this will be in action anytime soon.

An MCC secretary said:-

“We should not delay in presenting day-night Test cricket as an option for those Test-playing countries that are struggling to attract an audience,We say this form of the game is viable now. We proved it in Abu Dhabi with the four-day game under lights.”

“It was the perfect experiment, and demonstrated this game should go ahead now. We don’t need another 18 months of research. The world of cricket is ready. It should not wait; the time is now.”

A day-night Test would be a chance to be part of history, by taking the game in a different direction, and Test cricket needs a few little changes to get people back on board and watching it. There are always going to be negative people and you tend to hear them more, but you’ve just got to get on with the game. It’s a cricket ball but it’s a different colours. Try it out and see what happens.”

MCC’s research from India, New Zealand and South Africa, published in November 2009, showed that the cricketing public in these countries wanted to watch day/night Test cricket and were strongly in favour of a World Test Championship,” an MCC statement said. “Fairer pitches, such as the ones England recently encountered in South Africa – which offered bounce and some assistance to the bowlers – rather than in Bangladesh – which were low, slow and batsmen-friendly – would also help to improve the game as a spectacle.”

Test Format is the mother of Cricket and hence should be preserved. Hope ICC takes the steps required.


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Yo people. This is Adithya. A student who loves what he does. Has passion for Cricket and is a die hard SRT fan. Loves to photograph and is a travel freak

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