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Terrorists attacking IPL?

Hizbul Operative Baba now in Gujrat anti- terrorism squad, had planned to blow of the game recently in Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad.

But his plans all got off because of heavy security and personnels in the stadium that has urged him to attack less protected areas like clubs.

However, that diabolical scheme, too, came unstuck because the police had intercepted phone calls made between Baba and his handlers. Extensive security arrangements were later made at the club, particularly on the eve of Holi.

Some sources has said the he used to call his commander with someone else’s mobile that belonged to Dr.Shah.

Baba was told to carry out a complete reconnaissance of the Motera stadium, which he managed to accomplish.

However, sources said that he was unnerved by the heavy police presence during the India-South Africa cricket match and decided to change the plan.

Police Inspector there had told:

A late night security drill was undertaken around the Sports Club after receiving a specific input about a terror threat. Some officials, however, said that the drill was a routine affair.

Thanks DNA paper

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