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What next for India? New Zealand Series

Here is the squad for the Test and One Day series between India and New Zealand. Read the rest of this entry


4 tips to play Cricket better

4 Tips to play Cricket better:

Cricket has been described as the game of elegance and precision, with lot of people sitting around you staring and watching every movement of yours waiting to applaud your success. Read the rest of this entry


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Randiv banned, Dilshan fined for No-Ball incident

The Lankan Cricket board has taken serious action on the players involved in the No-Ball Incident denying Virender Sehwag his century. The Bowler who bowled the No- Ball deliberately got in some popularity and soon now got a ban slapped against him which ensures that he will miss the one match of the one day series. Not only this, he has also been fined fully out of his match fee. Read the rest of this entry

Wishes of Independence Day

We form wish everyone a Happy Independence Day. Have a Wonderful day and Keep Visiting the latest FORUMS too.


Adithya R

CL T20 squads come in for all teams

One of the costliest players bought in the IPL, missed season 3 of IPL due to a knee injury. Yes, it is Andrew Flintoff, he will miss the Champions League 2nd Edition this Sepetember too. Chennai Super Kings will miss the English all rounder Flintoff. But, the Giant who recently retired from the Test form- Muttiah Muralitharan is in the action for the Champions League. Read the rest of this entry

The Smiling Assassin- End of an era

So an era in Sri Lankan cricket finally comes to an end. Correction! An era in International test cricket finally comes to an end.

Muttiah Muralitharan. A name which sent a severe chill down the spine of the best batsmen around the globe finally calls it quits. He has been quite a name to reckon with throughout his august career. Read the rest of this entry

Muralitharan to retire from Test after 1st game

Highest Wicket taker in Cricket, Muttiah Muralitharan has announced his retirement from Test matches Yesterday bringing an end to 18 years of bowling career. Read the rest of this entry

MCC wants immediate D/N tests

Cricket under lights

The Marleybone Cricket Club thinks that the future of test cricket is endangered since T20 and One Day is become a common trend and the Tradition tests are forgotten. Read the rest of this entry

CL T20 changes format

The Ola is going sing again. This time it is to be played in The Rainbow Nation- South Africa. Let it not be a flop like the IPL 3 with match fixings and money machines. Read the rest of this entry

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