4 tips to play Cricket better

4 Tips to play Cricket better:

Cricket has been described as the game of elegance and precision, with lot of people sitting around you staring and watching every movement of yours waiting to applaud your success. The very word “cricket” creates a kind of sensation that this game seemed to have gained its own recognition requiring no entrance into any of those international games like Football. Some of the best and four tips to play cricket better are:

1. Psychology:

Arousal is a concept of sports psychology that greatly affects the performance in the game of cricket. Under-arousal will lead to disinterest and carelessness leading to a kind of displeasure or vexation to the rest of the team and the effort of others, which goes in vain for lack of effort from others in the team. Optimal arousal is a point of “inverted u hypothesis” that results in the right amount of stress and the required frame of mind to play the game and hit the target. This will encourage better team understanding and performance as a team. Over arousal on the other hand, can make things go worse if things do not all in your way, and make the game aggressive and excessively stirring up the spectators.

2. Practice:

This is the best way to keep you in touch with nuances of the game, and you will be able to enter the game in the big field at the age of 17 and above. For getting practice, one should play cricket at least 5 to 6 times in a week, and is you have friends to train then is good to play at least once in a week the real game of cricket. This will help you to get the real scenarios to face the various situations that you may face in the field and can prepare strategies. The real key to play the goal for the game is to practice and focus on the goals of the game.

3. Improve Your Fitness:

The better you are the fitter you can play with the game of cricket. If you can follow and keep up with the diet that your fitness trainer advises you before the match and during the course of the match, or do the right thing when you are allowed to take your day out after the match, then this is not going to be a heinous job. You will always feel energetic and will not be worn out when the game is intensified and you will have the stamina for using both your brain and the body to pay the game.

4. Train Your Mind:

Cricket is the mental game that is a physical one with the mind backing the strategy of the game, and so is a mental game. If you have the thought, you “can do this”, you will be able to do that act, and you lose if you think you are losing. An awareness of tactics, an understanding of situations and a creative and an attacking approach will help you to get the runs and wickets that you need to win the match.

This post is written by Saksham Talwar who blogs at Blogging Junction where he shares blogging tips and shares occasional OIOPublisher coupon.


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