How to avoid match fixing?

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Match fixing in Cricket is a hot topic these days as it has been increasing as days pass by. Pakistan is the number one country which has been caught many times so far and of course India shares the second spot.
Three players from Pakistan including the Captain were caught recently and now Dilshan is now under pressure. Whether these match fixings cannot be stopped? Yes it can be but it is not as easy. It can only be stopped when the players stop doing it. Here are few ways which can prevent or avoid match fixing,
The best method and the only possible method to stop match fixing can only be done by ICC. International Cricket Council must fix a committee to monitor all these match fixing activities. The committee members must have a technical committee to monitor all the sites around the internet which works for these purposes.
The next thing the committee must do is to stay connected with the Country’s cricket board and monitor the activities. The committee members must also monitor the activities of the players from famous countries and that too some of the well known players.
There is also a part to be played by the country’s cricket board also as they have to monitor the activities of the players. It is also accepted that they cannot do it always but the board must monitor when something goes wrong about the player. ICC must also create a fear among the players about the punishments given to a player who involves in match fixing. A permanent ban from International games is a must for all those who indulge in match fixing.
It would be really great if they ban the players from any form of the cricket as it will bring the real fear among the players. ICC must also take legal steps among the players as it can really bring fear among others.
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