Randiv "overstepping" controversy

In the last match between India and Sri Lanka, Suraj Randiv on the last ball of the Match bowled a No-Ball. On doing so, he denied Sehwag's century even though Sehwag scored a six. But he could not deny India winning. Even if Sehwag scored no run of that ball, it was a no ball,1 run. Hence India won.

It was done deliberately, but the controversy followed by the Media and others is a made up mess now. Its just a normal Out of Spirit intention to bowl deliberate No-Ball by Randiv insisted by TM Dilshan to deny Sehwag's ton.

Any way, what is there in a century. Sehwag scored a match winning 99* which is better that getting out scoring 100 and losing.

Later continued was the detailed analysis  by the Indian Media. All to gain popularity.

The rules of Cricket say that “The runs scored in the no-ball cannot go to the Batsman.” Then why has this become a big issue? It is surely atrocious to do this. But is there a rule in Cricket that A bowler cannot bowl a No Bowl on purpose?

All the fuss going on and the overdrive by the Media is unwanted crap.

These Deliberate No-Balls and On Purpose Wides have now become a common part of Cricketing World.  Just Media got into it and made a mess of it.

Even if Randiv had done it, he asked a sorry for that immediately after the Match and Sehwag was Tactful on this during the Presentation Ceremony and even tweeted about it on Twitter.

The Laws of Cricket are foolish enough for these things to happen. Any way no crime is done. Lets forget the baseless Controversy and hope India do well in rest of the Games. The fact that India won is enough for us. 🙂


About Adithya Ramesh

Yo people. This is Adithya. A student who loves what he does. Has passion for Cricket and is a die hard SRT fan. Loves to photograph and is a travel freak

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  1. well written… its sheer jealously…nothin else.
    media is really dragging it very far no doubt about that.

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