New Formats for IPL 4

The Indian Premier League saw a disappointing number of spectators mainly because of the longness of the tournament.

We had 8 teams and 60 games this year. Then what do you expect next year? Lalit Modi planned 10 teams and 94 games!!!.Who will watch all 94 games?


The Board of Control for Cricket in India has planned 2 alternative methods credit to NBA.


  1. 10 teams will be divided into two groups, Each of the groups will follow the current away and home method.  The top 3 teams from each group would proceed to a new League- Super Six. Then, the top 4 teams in Super 6 will go to the semis. Poor thing is that the teams which don’t qualify for Super 6 will get only 8 games.
  2. The 10 teams would still be in two groups. But, here each team would play the other four in its group twice, once at home and once away, it would also play each team from the other group once. The top four teams at the end of this process would then advance to the semifinals. So, here each team gets a minimum of 13 games.

About Adithya Ramesh

Yo people. This is Adithya. A student who loves what he does. Has passion for Cricket and is a die hard SRT fan. Loves to photograph and is a travel freak

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