Waugh wants Clarke as Captain

Former successful Australian Captain, Steve Waugh has backed Michael Clarke and wants him as the Captain of the Aussie side. He said that Clarke’s ability should be as a Captain and not in personal life.


Clarke’s took right decision to leave in between the New Zealand tour to handle his personal life matters which should not affect his game.

It’s a personal matter. I think all captains have had issues they’ve needed to deal with. You look at Ricky Ponting when he was in the Australian side he had the personal issue when he was at Kings Cross and he gained a black eye, yet he went from strength to strength afterwards


You need to lead a normal life as well. I think Michael will show what kind of leader he is by the way he plays his cricket.

He’s done very well as captain for Australia in the Twenty20 and also the one-days and I don’t think it should affect his Test captaincy chances one little bit.


I don’t think it’s a scheduling issue. I think the way of the world now is cricketers are high profile and when you have a high-profile partner, all of a sudden it can be hard.


I think ever since David Beckham and Posh, every country has wanted their own version of Posh and Becks. Unfortunately someone has to carry that mantle and it was Michael and Lara, and I don’t think they understood how big it was going to get and the burden it was going to become


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