Mongoose- The T20 Bat

Matthew Hayden recently released the bat for the IPL 3 in Chennai. If you see a picture of it, you will laugh. A giant batsman using a bat with blade size till the knee.

Yeah, this is the latest T20 Cricket bat as you know and Matthew Hayden smashed the Delhi Daredevils in their den for 93 runs all over the park.

Matthew Hayden, Andrew Symonds and Dwayne Smith will be seen using this bat.

These bats have smaller blade and longer handles. The bat will help the cricketers to score runs faster, said the Old fox. He said that in the beginning he was not sure whether these bats would be suitable for the players but after trying it he became convinced of its capability.

All these bats will bear the signature of Matthew Hayden. The price of the bats will vary between 17000 INR to 23000 INR.

Matthew Hayden after a blistering knock told:-

It is always good to try out new products. The mongoose bat is a good product as its gives you lot of power to hit the ball a long way. It is very much like a normal bat, but it surely gives a great deal of power with its sweet spot at the centre of the bat.

Here is its Mongoose review:

The bat’s extra power comes from increased rigidity in the blade and increased flexibility in the handle – so you can hit further and harder.Its blade is 33 per cent shorter than a conventional bat and the handle is 43 per cent longer.

Scientists call it the bat’s MMi, or ‘mass and moment of inertia’. It determines the amount of effort required by the batsman not only to swing, but also control the bat during the swing.

This makes the Mongoose a lighter, harder-hitting bat. And while it looks different to a conventional long-blade bat, when you pick it up its weight and handling feel pretty much the same.

The Mongoose also reconfigures the shoulders by dropping them down nine inches. The weight taken from the shoulders – about 20 per cent of the blade weight – is redistributed to the back of the new, shorter blade.


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