Lalit Modi threatens to remove players who don't play IPL 3

The owner of the most famous league, Lalit Kumar Modi has warned the players who will opt of of the IPL 3 this year and axe them from playing the rest of the tournament.

This message mainly went to the Australians who had some security concerns from playing IPL.

Modi has chosen Twitter to communicate and dash out his comments on this issue. He said:-

The government has already given ample assurances for safe conduct of games.

The call will be theirs. We will allow replacements for those who decide not to show up. We have 98 players on the waiting list eager to get called in.

The IPL is for India and will remain for India. No one can dictate to us how we should conduct our tournaments

Been told (Australia captain) Ricky Ponting (is) pressuring players not to come

The general manger at Hart Security, Julian Clover has said:-

‘If you’re looking at the terrorist threat in India at the moment there are a number of strands

There is the Maoist or Naxalite strand which tends to be rural-based groups who act against security forces from the Indian establishment.

You’ve got separatism, the long-term problem up in Kashmir, and probably the most challenging strand of terrorism that faces the Indians in the Islamic Al Qaeda element.

Of course it’s always a matter of opinion as to how much influence there is from Al Qaeda in Islamic terrorism and how much is domestic.

I think, based on recent events, they would be the most capable. They’ve shown intent and a lot of determination to press their attacks home.

Lets see how this issue progresses!!!


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Yo people. This is Adithya. A student who loves what he does. Has passion for Cricket and is a die hard SRT fan. Loves to photograph and is a travel freak

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  1. Prachurya Kirti Nayak

    It's an Indian Tournament— we are just giving too much stress on foreign players

  2. there's a thin line btween security n paranoia…..i thnk our security measures r gud enuf…those playrs who chikn out need'nt come at all

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