Innovate for a good Test cricket future!

Test cricket is dying. Only 15% of a year’s cricket calender is been played for Test Cricket. No one is ready to watch a test match. T20 is the passion. There are people criticizing that T20 has killed Test cricket. But it is not so!

Test Cricket is dying because of its boring features. And ICC is not doing the needy to save it. As every Tom, Dick and Harry is talking nowadays about Saving Test Cricket, I too have got this idea and now am going to write about it.

So what are the things that needs to be changed?

  • Instead of 90 overs a day, minimum of 100 overs has to be bowled in a day.
  • No Day test should be played. All should be Day- Night Test or Night Test Games.
  • No more of boring Lunch, Tea and Drinks Break. All these should be cut down. Only one break as a “Supper” break should come into existence. Day- Night Test matches should start at 14:00 Local time and go on till 21:45 in the night. Supper Break is after 60 overs at 18:00. 45 minutes is given for the break. This means 1 session before darkness and another session under lights.
  • Or it can be a night match-  starting at 18:00 in the evening and ending at 23:00 late night.
  • From a 5-day game, it should be tuned to a 4-day game. This means that the run rate of the team will increase and the match will finish off soon. This means that one team won’t take two full days for a result and then declare the innings.
  • The boundary distance from the wicket should be a maximum of 65 yards.

This has 2 effects (a) The batsmen can tend to hit sixes and fours and there will be more of boundaries. (b) The run rate will be more.

  • The bowling team has to bowl in an average 14 overs per hour. If their over rate is less extra penalty will be there for every hour. (i.e Extra Penalty runs= Total No. of overs to be bowled in an hour X No. of overs short by the normal over rate)
  • As before ball change due comes after 80 overs, now it has to be reduced to 60 overs. Any way the team should take the new ball before the 81st over.
  • World Championship of Cricket tournament should be held in two groups.

1. Top 5 teams of the rankings should have a championship every 2 years.

2. Next 5 teams too can have championship every 2 years.

  • Decision Referral system should be in place.
  • Wide balls as in ODI and T20 Matches.
  • Free Hit for every over stepping no ball.
  • Stadium tickets for the Test matches should be 1.5 times the ticket for a T20 match for the whole test match. All entertainments like music played between the overs and cheer leaders in the stadium.
  • Even, small stadiums should be given a chance to host the matches. They too can attract crowds.
  • Indoor stadiums should come into being as no one can forecast the weather conditions. If this happens matches can go on independent of the weather. Instead of closing roofs which is a costlier idea this would be better.



About Adithya Ramesh

Yo people. This is Adithya. A student who loves what he does. Has passion for Cricket and is a die hard SRT fan. Loves to photograph and is a travel freak

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