Sehwag vs Dhoni – Who is a better captain…?

After a superb and emphatic win by The Indian Team against The Lankans in the Third ODI b y Sehwag’s me n-One thing struck in my mind, Why not compare Dhoni’s captaincy and Sehwag’s.

MS Dhoni is Mr.Cool. In this series, the main difference between him and the Nawab is that he didn’t shuffle his bowlers well. But Sehwag in the 3rd ODI did the magic shuffling the bowlers well.

He brought bowlers in regular interval.He bowled himself but if Dhoni was there he doesn’t bowls Sehwag a lot as he has hopes on Raina and Yuvraj.

Sehwag in this ODI lead the team himself in the bowling too as he struck the major break through to turn the match. The match which Lanka aimed 300 above was restricted under 250 because of Sangakkara’s wicket he struck.

You cannot tell that Sehwag is better than Dhoni from one match. I am just comparing the bowling game-plan between Dhoni and Sehwag. I don’t know but this was the best bowling performance in the series. This point struck me to write this article.

I don’t know what but I didn’t expect this strategy from Mr.Cool in this series. This was why Lanka scored a lot in both ODIs. Meanwhile, Sehwag bowled in seven bowlers including him.

Another important difference is the way both approached batting after given the Captaincy.

  • We cannot forget the 183 and 148 scored by Dhoni with high strike rate. But after being given the Captaincy Dhoni slowed down his strike rate. Before his strike rate was more than 140. But after given the responsibility he slowed down with strike rate around 8090.
  • Meanwhile, Sehwag was in the same demolishing form. Even after given a leadership he led the team as usual.
  • I have seen The Master Blaster after given the Leadership in 1990s he couldn’t concentrate on his batting. But Sehwag is unbelievable. He is excellent.

Sehwag’s approach to lead his team was great. His captaincy is excellent(i don’t say he is better than Dhoni as it is not the best time for it).His strategy was different. His game plan was cool.


Very important, We could get to see Sehwag’s captaincy in Dhoni’s absence.  It would have been very very difficult if Sehwag was not there. Think and see even Yuvraj is also not there. It would have been difficult for Gambhir and Harbhajan to lead because they just have no experience.

So The Indian board or the Money eaters as I call it should give opportunity for the young guys of the team to give a chance to Lead.

They should arrange a series in Bangladesh or Zimbabwe where all young guys should be in the squad and rest all others.

Maybe for Bangladesh tri series Indian team should be full of young fellows.


About Adithya Ramesh

Yo people. This is Adithya. A student who loves what he does. Has passion for Cricket and is a die hard SRT fan. Loves to photograph and is a travel freak

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  1. sachin is better than any one else

  2. Dhoni would be known as one of the best captains to have played for India. I feel his captaincy is slipping. He was very lucky to have 15-20 fringe players who were all set to play at any level , thanks to Greg Chappel and Saurav Ganguly. we do not have same number of good players coming through now. But anyone who watches the game closely would like Dhoni to reach out a little more to senior and junior players alike. One would like to him to get Sachin,Rahul Dravid and Sehwag involved in his decisions which I think he does not do a lot. He has to decide on Yuvraj singh factor. There are quite a few players like Robin Utthapa , Rohit Sharma, Cheteshwar Pujara , Manish Pandey who should be tried as well consistently… I see him giving one to many chances to Ravendra Jadeja & Virat Kohli….

  3. Both of them do not desreve to be Captains. With the Lack of Commitment & more Leaning on the Advertising Campaigns

  4. viru bhai is best
    there is no comp. with viru bhai to dhoni, he is best

  5. ofcourse sehwag is better captain

  6. Dhoni is best captain……………..I love Dhoni
    Sehwag is also goooooooood

  7. viru is best when compared with dhoni bcoz dhoni is a selfish guy and want to make a more runs than another

  8. sehwag is better captain

  9. sehwag is the best captain see in the ipl also the way he is……………

  10. sambhu prasad nayak

    sehwag is a best talent player and also a good stroker from dhoni , but this is not ok for a captain , good understanding and management in playtime on the ground, this very imp for a captain in the play time

  11. jagan chowdary

    viru is the best captain than dhoni because viru cannot have egonessitself where is dhoni has that egoness in my opinion viru is the best captain itself.

  12. Thanks for the comments everyone. How come late comments? I wrote this post in December and now its 9 months later…

    • The link to this article had appeared on Yahoo yesterday . I must say that was an interesting post which holds good today as well….

  13. no no no no !!!!!!!! dhoni is a better captain don’t even say that sehwag is a captain because sehwag’s paly will be affected so please never be captain sehwag.

  14. sehwag is a best captain than dhoni.He must be given a chance for a year and compare the records. Viru will be the best one than any one…

  15. ofcourse sehwag is better captain.

  16. both are unfit

  17. give to raina or yuvi




  20. viru is best …..

  21. Sehwag is a best captain for India than Dhoni, B’cos Dhoni was selfish……

  22. dhoni is a good caption and also a cool caption.
    but viru ,a tension party .he cannot control the team..,
    otherwise team indian players are not cooperate..
    only dhoni can maintain it…..

  23. Of course Sehwag is better than Dhoni bcoz Dhoni is very selfish man and he wants only youngsters in his team. Thats the only reason our “The Great Indian Wall” retired for one day cricket. He also wants to keep Sachin out but dhoni’s bad luck… Sachin is in form…

  24. sachin is best in world than any other. he must not compared with any human being, he is our god .. god of indian cricket, his talent, hardwork, technic, style, match winning capacity wont come any one etc, etc. but sehwag is best captain than dhoni

  25. viru is best tha dhoni,

  26. thanks for commenting everyone…

  27. there is none to compare with dhoni’s captaincy..,,,, always rockz……….,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  28. no comperision between viru and dhoni…..viru is lengend all there format of cricket but dhoni for one days and 20-20 only,,,among both viru is the altimate best

  29. viru is best when compared with dhoni bcoz dhoni is a selfish

  30. .......SIVA.........

    Viru is the best

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